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We are independent operators in the sport optics industry. We design, engineer, manufacturer and distribute sport optics from concept to final product; in support to your global business needs.
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Our product field covers a full spectrum: binoculars, telescopes, optical and electronic riflescopes, prism scopes, digital and optical aiming devices, infrared & thermal imaging equipment.
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Marketing Development

Services and expertise includes support to your project in the field of technical and commercial training to staff and customers base. We organize your sales support and product services.
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Network Phoenix Optical Systems

Optics & Mechanics Design Engineer (Germany and FE), M/F resources and R&D (China), Technical consultation from several Industry Leaders (UK, D, F, SA)


In Phoenix Optical Systems we bring Industry leading capacities together in developing products for Outdoor, Sports and Professional users. Within Phoenix you will find the combination of Engineering, Product development and Manufacturing, Marketing, Distribution and Services.

This will allow you to build a successful product proposition without having to fully depend on Factories or Agents in distant regions. We have a network of members in Europe, US, Africa and the Far East to deliver you a turn-key solution. Our experience and history includes Spectrum Brands, Bausch & Lomb, Bushnell, Leupold and Kahles. Feel free to contact us.


About Phoenix Optical Systems

Phoenix designs, manufactures and distributes high-end sport optics systems for civil and professional end-user applications. Phoenix is not a brand which secures our independency. We are industry specialist offering our expertise and knowledge to Marketing partners world-wide. Our mission is to establish innovative and successful product concepts that provide solutions to defined market needs. Our proven track record guarantees you all the expertise needed to deliver a product portfolio that works for you. The extra edge of Phoenix is the capacity to help you to build success in the Sport Optics business worldwide.


Optical Engineering and Manufacturing

Our Engineering capacity has two basis: highly specialized European research and development capacity that bring extensive experience in this highly specialized industry. From scratch we deliver you an initial draft concept which is reworked into digitalized detailed product designs. In this we use the latest technology included 3D modelling and printing. Our other basis is the connection with our network of manufacturing specialist that add high quality engineering techniques to your product proposition. What we build needs to be good; in line with market expectations and of the right quality in line with your desired proposition.


Product line

Phoenix Optical Systems is specialized in optical systems for civil and professional end-users. We have developed programs in new innovative products in binoculars, telescopes, optical- and electronic riflescopes (in 25.4, 30 and 34mm tube diameter), prism scopes, digital and electronic aiming devices and infrared & thermal imaging devices. We work with established and highly recognized partners in the global optical industry. This provides us the reach, capacity and synergy to take up almost any project in the field of optical systems. Irrelevant if your product need is specialized and exclusive or set out to mass market volume; we will get you on the right track. Our customer base can be found mainly in Europe and North-America.


Market Intelligence

Any project can only be successful if the end-result matches the overall expectations. Mostly this can be translated in success in commerce and good market response. At Phoenix Optical Systems our obligation to your project is not ending at the delivery of the merchandise. We have a full agency available that can help you developing all needed marketing tools, provide in-depth product training to your staff or customers, set-up and manage aftersales services and continue to develop your portfolio into the future. Thanks to our background and long established Industry presence we can bring a useful network in distribution and/or retail in the optical trade, sports- and outdoor and the civil, security and military & law enforcement industry.